A Legacy-to-Web framework for independent software vendors (ISVs) and organizations to move their legacy Windows™ applications to the cloud.

Webify Your In-house Applications

You have an application that is critical to your business processes.

Expensive conversions of your current enterprise applications are unnecessary. Minor modifications will allow your software to be delivered to your employees or customers through The Sixth Flag Virtual Windows™ Desktop.

This reduces both cost and time of deployment.

Webify Your Software Sales

Customers love your software. It's now time to offer your clients the ability to access your application on the web, but the cost and schedule to migrate your app to the cloud is impractical. Instead of a complete rewrite of your software, let The Sixth Flag virtual desktop deliver your software in a fast Windows™ environment without the need to support installs on your customers' systems.

You control upgrades from one location and can deploy them within minutes. Customers can access their software in the secure TSF environment.
It's a win-win situation.

Access for Remote Users

More and more organizations are using a distributed workforce. Allow them to use their device of choice while still enjoying secure remote access to necessary software.

TSF Removes Barriers to Cloud Deployment

Many businesses depend on their legacy software for mission critical tasks. IT organizations are struggling to bridge the constraints of legacy application support with the need to serve a distributed user base. The Sixth Flag becomes your virtual workspace portal for your applications giving you a consistent deployment platform.

Your users get reliable, predictable, secure access to important applications via a web browser. Your IT department gets one location to install, test, and deploy new software or updates.

With full lifecycle management, webify.tsf will serve as the framework to provide consistent access to legacy applications.

Start Your Webification!