a watermarking technology

add a uniquely identifying pattern to the virtual desktop screen session

Protect your data from insider breaches

Screen captures of sensitive or proprietary corporate information is a very popular method of insider data theft. What if you could prevent or highly discourage this practice?

By watermarking the entire screen session instead of a single file, anything that is accessed on the TSF virtual desktop is marked.

Identify the Source

The unique "watermarked" pattern allows you to identify the user's screen session. The user's information and time of login is contained in each watermark and can be identified from any screen capture or photograph.

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Watermarking by The Sixth Flag is a patent pending technology

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Watermark web conferences or presentations

Many of us use web conferencing for meetings and during these meetings it is necessary to share proprietary information. Create a more secure environment by discouraging data theft with watermarking. Users login with a TSF account and access the meeting through their account.

The Sixth Flag is currently developing dewdrop for use directly with presentation software, allowing a single watermarked screen viewed by all participants.

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