The Sixth Flag Signs Deal with NeoCloud

by The Sixth Flag

February 13, 2017

The Sixth Flag, Inc. the leading Desktop-as-a Service (DaaS) company appearing as representative vendor in numerous Gartner 2016 reports, has entered an agreement with NeoCloud to offer TSF's full desktop as a part of their flagship total managed services. The NeoCloud-TSF partnership extends NeoCloud's leadership position in end point computing, offering secure and flexibly priced DaaS.

Founder and CEO of NeoCloud Van Murray said, "We are excited to add The Sixth Flag to our portfolio of services. NeoCloud is judicious about introducing emerging technologies, but we see TSF filling a critical gap in the Workspace-as-a-Service offering. We intend to incorporate the offering as a part of our total solution that brings offerings from Microsoft, Google and other cloud vendors. In particular, we are encouraged by the ease of management and flexible pricing structure. We believe TSF will be able to fill our need to support 'the other app.'"

Pete Kofod, CEO and co-founder of The Sixth Flag echoed Van’s sentiment. "We are honored to be part of the NeoCloud portfolio. NeoCloud's experience in bringing quality services to market is legendary. We believe that our unique Desktop-as-a-Service offering will bring a new dimension to NeoCloud's desktop computing clients." TSF's value proposition to NeoCloud centers on flexible, competitive pricing, ease of management and security. Perhaps most importantly, TSF addresses the need to support legacy applications that do not have a native cloud offering.

NeoCloud delivers world class cloud services including Google and Microsoft cloud services, integrating them into business relevant deliveries for a broad segment of industries.

About The Sixth Flag, Inc.

The Sixth Flag Inc, is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based Desktop-as-a-Service firm for global teams and organizations in need of Remote Desktop Management solutions. Launched in 2015, TSF provides a web-based, cost effective and secure throw away desktop for today's global, mobile teams. Its cloud-based, HTML-rendered Desktop-as-a-Service requires no dedicated hardware, thereby eliminating the need for organizations to spend on capital outlay. With nothing more than a browser, users can access their corporate desktop from anywhere in the world, whether from a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Because user data is not stored on the local device, loss of a device does not represent compromise of sensitive organizational data.

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