The Sixth Flag Unveils Dewdrop.tsf™ for Standalone and 3rd Party Applications

by The Sixth Flag

April 19, 2017

Raleigh, NC - The Sixth Flag, Inc. is excited to announce that dewdrop.tsf™, the patented and acclaimed watermarking technology, will be made available for standalone and third party applications. Dewdrop.tsf™ overlays a session-based watermark on all application and desktop screens that contain session-specific information. Should a screen be shared via a screen shot or even a photograph, system administrators can determine specific data of the compromise, including the user, time and other relevant information.

"We have been receiving many requests to make dewdrop.tsf™ available for standalone uses and for uses incorporated in other platforms" said Pete Kofod, CEO and founder of The Sixth Flag. "We believe that dewdrop.tsf is yet another compelling feature of our flagship DaaS offering, but understand many organizations need the watermarking functions of dewdrop.tsf™ to run on premise based systems."

"Furthermore, we are receiving numerous inquiries from various industry leaders to license and include dewdrop.tsf in their application. We are excited to make dewdrop available to these organizations." Dewdrop is a beautiful and compelling watermarking technology. Organizations that require users to work with highly confidential systems are looking to dewdrop.tsf™ to further discourage data disclosure. Unauthorized data disclosure from trusted insiders is a significant problem, but because of the embarrassing nature of such leaks, details tend to remain closely held by the affected parties.

"We see dewdrop.tsf as being of great value to organizations that deal in legal, financial, personnel and intellectual property matters," says Shane Yocum, Vice President of The Sixth Flag. "Particularly, if the information belongs to third parties, the risk and consequences of malicious, or even unintended, disclosure tend to be very high."

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About The Sixth Flag, Inc.

The Sixth Flag Inc, is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based Desktop-as-a-Service firm for global teams and organizations in need of Remote Desktop Management solutions. Launched in 2015, TSF provides a web-based, cost effective and secure throw away desktop for today's global, mobile teams. Its cloud-based, HTML-rendered Desktop-as-a-Service requires no dedicated hardware, thereby eliminating the need for organizations to spend on capital outlay. With nothing more than a browser, users can access their corporate desktop from anywhere in the world, whether from a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Because user data is not stored on the local device, loss of a device does not represent compromise of sensitive organizational data.

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The dewdrop.tsf™ watermark overlaid on a user desktop session.