Never Worry About Laptop or Remote User Security Again

The Sixth Flag Ultra-Secure "Vanishing" Desktop Leaves No Trace on Your Employees' Computers. None.

If a laptop gets lost or stolen, or any corporate computer gets hacked, you lose nothing, because there's nothing there.

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Bring your legacy software to the web.

Load your corporate software onto our virtual desktop, give users access. It's that simple.

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Unedited, uncut footage.
Our Director of Operations logins to her TSF account on a Chromebox in an electronics store.


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Can You Really Watermark a
Computer Screen?

Yes. With dewdrop™ from The Sixth Flag

dewdrop™ is a patent-pending watermarking technology that overlays your entire screen session. This pattern allows you to identify the screen session, and therefore the user and source, of any screen capture or photograph because each watermark contains user and time stamp information.

Discourage data theft and unauthorized data sharing.

See how watermarking works and the many ways you can use this technology.

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TSF Watermarking is a patent-pending technology