Rapid Deployment

New users can be provisioned in minutes, not days or weeks. Spin up virtual desktops on demand. New applications can be delivered to all users in a matter of minutes, instead of weeks. In the case of application issues, upgrades can be rolled back immediately to prevent loss of productivity.

Use Any Device

Access your account on any computer, laptop, tablet, or other device that has internet access. The only requirement is a current internet browser. User desktops follow the user, not the device. Employee devices can be procured locally or by each individual saving you from shipping costs or time lost from equipment quarantined in customs.

Users' devices never need to be handled by you since the company software and security settings are centrally managed in the cloud.

Temporary or Contract Workers

Corporate technology departments must remain flexible in resource allocation, yet a significant part of the overall budget is the capital outlay towards corporate desktops, forcing technology staff to continuously support one-off solutions to meet emerging requirements. With The Sixth Flag, organizations can deploy custom corporate virtual desktops to seasonal or augmentation staff with little or no concern for hardware asset management issues.

Temporary and contract workers get access to corporate network resources through their user account. No matter the duration, temporary and contract workers can use their own hardware and still perform their work. Asset tracking and recovery, shared terminals, and kiosks become a thing of the past.