Password Security

Usernames and passwords are authenticated then discarded. The Sixth Flag receives only an approval or failure of a user's login attempt. If the login is successful, we receive a code that points your fresh new desktop to the correct data.

Two-factor authentication is supported. Admins can enable or disable this feature.

Active Directory

We support Active Directory authentication, whether in the cloud or on the customer premise.

Remote Storage

The enterprise is securely operated in a world class hosted environment: Our data centers include strong physical access control measures, high availability power and Internet connectivity, as well as the ability to fail over to various data centers throughout the world in case of complete site failure.

Your files are all stored in this remote environment, never on the device unless you choose to download a file onto your device. Files are never actually on your computer while you are using them in your virtual desktop.

Therefore, loss of a device does not mean loss or compromise of data.

Encrypted Data

Data is encrypted in flight and at rest and cannot be accessed outside the environment without credentials. Data is never stored on the user's device.

Watermarking Technology: dewdrop™

Proprietary watermarking technologydewdrop™ proprietary watermarking technology allows admins to uniquely identify screen sessions. User sessions on The Sixth Flag virtual desktop are "watermarked" in such a way that identifies the user in that session. Data theft through screen captures and photography is discouraged because you will be able to accurately determine the source of the leaked content.

Contact us to see a demo of dewdrop™ watermarking and its many uses.