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The Sixth Flag, or TSF, gives Enterprise users a completely secure virtual desktop accessed via a web browser. There is no software to download or hardware to purchase, making it truly an "any time, any place, any device" solution. With nothing more than a browser, users can access their corporate desktop from anywhere in the world, whether from a laptop, desktop, or tablet. In an increasingly global, mobile world, The Sixth Flag answers the demand for easy to manage, cost effective and secure desktops.

Key features of The Sixth Flag:

  • Security
    Encrypted user data, throw-away desktops, and patent-pending watermarking technology provide security at every turn. Read more about our Cell Structure Security model
  • Simplicity
    Easy, centralized management with no software to install so that users can literally use any device with a browser.
  • Predictability
    Subscription-based billing with no hardware to purchase means a predictable budget without capital outlay.
  • Proprietary Watermarking Technology
    When you log in to The Sixth Flag desktop, it can be optionally "watermarked" with a uniquely identifying pattern. This pattern allows you to identify the screen session, and therefore the user and source, of any screen capture or photograph. Watermarking highly discourages data theft and helps prevent the sharing of unauthorized content. Let us show you how watermarking works and the many other ways you can use this technology.

The Sixth Flag makes sense for any organization that is looking to leverage the benefits of virtual desktops and hosted applications but desires to:

  • Reduce upfront costs and move to an OpEx model with predictable economics
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of virtual desktops and hosted apps
  • Gain flexibility and agility, and speed their time of delivery
  • Provide a great end user experiencing without sacrificing IT security and control

The Sixth Flag is a web-based, cost effective, "throw-away" desktop with exclusive watermarking capabilities for today's mobile and remote global workforce. The offering provides a unique solution specifically designed to address the increasing challenges faced by today’s distributed workforce. With nothing more than a browser, users can access their cloud-based corporate desktop, whether from a laptop, PC desktop or tablet. Because user data is not stored on the local device, loss of a device does not represent compromised sensitive company data. Using TSF’s solution, organizations can manage the configuration and software installed on the desktop, including popular office productivity and line of business applications. TSF supports a complete Microsoft-based desktop user experience, including print and file management and more.

All you need is a current web browser. At the end of every computing session, all user information is encrypted, stored and the desktop is, in effect, destroyed. Subsequently, every time you log in, you receive a fresh desktop with your data and settings intact. Any persistent threat that has found its way on to the desktop is deleted along with the desktop at the session's end.

Proprietary watermarking technology allows system administrators to uniquely identify the source of data theft through screen captures and photography. Embedding a user's identity and other data in the screen session discourages the unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information.

Contact us to see a demo of watermarking and its many uses.

You can subscribe to The Sixth Flag Desktop-as-a-Service directly through us or through your preferred reseller. Request a demo here or email us at info@thesixthflag.com to learn more.

The Sixth Flag Desktop as a Service is a global service.

The Sixth Flag (TSF) implements three layers of security to your virtual presence:

  • At login through one-time credentials.
  • During the virtual desktop session by encrypting the data that moves back and forth through the cloud.
  • At logout by encrypting the stored data and destroying the virtual desktop after each use. By destroying the workspace after logout, you close the door on attacks and destroy any persistent threat that may have made it onto the desktop.

Yes. Users work with a full WindowsTM desktop.

Access your TSF Desktop from any computer, laptop, or tablet that has internet access. The only requirement is a current internet browser. User desktops follow the user, not the device. Devices can be procured either by the technology team or by each individual user, saving the both the user and the IT team procurement time and shipping costs.

Users' devices never need to be handled by you since the company software and security settings are centrally managed in the cloud.

Currently, we support Microsoft.
Yes, administrators can install corporate software on their TSF desktops. Additionally, The Sixth Flag makes certain Microsoft Office applications available.

As part of your subscription, we handle your desktop operating license requirements. Because of Microsoft licensing constraints, the desktop operating system is actually a server license, but we have not encountered any significant limitations resulting from this. Users will experience their desktop in a manner that is consistent with what they are used to.

Please contact us if you need further information.