User access control at your fingertips

Cleanroom.tsf™ is a highly secure configuration which allows users to conduct traditional desktop computing and collaboration in what is essentially a sealed environment. Users can optionally upload files to their virtual desktops, but cannot download, print or copy/paste content out of the virtual desktop.

The Sixth Flag management console makes it easy to lock down file sharing, disable internet access within the virtual desktop, and create the ultimate "read-only" environment.

Increase security even more by enabling the watermarking feature. Watermarking the screen flags the user. Therefore, any data breach through screen capture or digital photo by that user can be traced back to them.

The right technology for your industry

Insider data breaches are always a threat, whether malicious or accidental. Industries in the financial, legal, or health sectors have much to gain from a model that prevents and discourages data leaks. Protect your clients and protect your business.

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