The Sixth Flag was born out of several emerging trends. The first is that people are traveling globally more than ever. This mobility means that people are using more than one device to access the internet, to access software or to manage their files. They may even have to choose between traveling with a personal device or company issued computer.

Second, we have seen from personal experience the time and cost involved in procuring and managing employee computers. The cloud and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has allowed companies to expand their workforces using temporary or contract workers. This causes an enormous strain on the company finances and on the IT department's time by having to supply and manage the workforce's devices.

Further, people's digital activity has transcended simple data production and distribution activities. With social networking integrated within the work place, people today have a "digital doppelganger," a fully developed cyber identity. It is critical that this identity be protected from misuse and destruction.

We hope that you choose to plant your digital "flag", your digital identity, with us.